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Why ReleaseKeeper?

ReleaseKeeper is the perfect solution for the individual Tattoo artist or a complete shop. It allows the artist to be independent and keep record of his clients and important sensitive information about his client and work. It is a great tool to use on the road during guest spots or convention without the hassle of bringing paperwork and copy machines. It is easily accessible with phone-tablet on the go and will be instantly recorded in your home file. Not to forget the good deed to the environment.

With ReleaseKeeper the future and independence of professional record keeping in your Tattooing/piercing carrier is at your fingertips.

Easy To Use / Intuitive

Simple 6-step process guides the user from start to finish

Ability to print the consent form anytime during the process

Your client can use with little to no instruction

Fully digital process can be done on any mobile device

Paperless / Digital Storage

Reduces carbon footprint of industry

No more shuffling through stacks of paper

Access digital files from anywhere with Internet

No more hassle with illegible handwriting

ReleaseKeeper Features

ReleaseKeeper streamlines your registration process for clients. It is easy and user friendly. Most the information is entered by the client directly and frees up your time or team so you can use the extra time and focus on what matters. All record can be printed or send via email direct to your client. When the client returns just simply type in the name and add to his record and keep a seamless document for your review if needed.

Can be used with any pc/mac that has camera built into the monitor. If there is no tablet available. Or if there are multiple customers signing up at once.

Multiple images can be saved on a single customers profile for return sessions. No need to create new customer profile when starting a new piece. Images will be saved and can be looked up later if needed.

Add multiple accounts for individual artist in a studio atmosphere.

With remote access, a business owner or GM you can check to see the images that had been completed that day or previous days.

Can also be used for piercing services- along with a custom menu of piercing services that an individual or studio might offer.

Also, a custom tattoo menu of service areas will be available (arm, shoulder, upper arm etc.)

Warning notifications on health-related issues so the artist is aware of any conditions and or medications the customer is taking.

Studio liability sign off that customers must acknowledge for sensitive areas such as fingers, hand, feet.

Security of Your Information

We’re committed to the security of our customers’ data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal information you trust to ReleaseKeeper

Data Security

Our servers are located within the worlds first Tier 5 datacenter, which employ robust physical security controls to prevent physical access. These controls include 24/7/365 monitoring & surveillance and an armed on-site security staff.

You Control Access

No one knows your staff better than you do. Put that knowledge to good use by carefully assigning user permissions. This feature allows you to control who can access what data and helps ensure data integrity.

Data Encryption

All of your information is secured by a 256-bit SSL certificate. When signed in, all data is transmitted using an encrypted connection. These are the same security standards used by the biggest online banks.

Data Redundancy

You never have to worry about backing up your data ever again. Everything is automatically backed up in real-time. Need a physical copy? You can export everything to Excel in one click.

Simple Subscription Plans

ReleaseKeeper offers 2 easy-to-understand subscription plans.


  • Users - 1
  • Storage - 50 GB
  • Support

Frequently Asked Questions

You scubscription may be canceled at anytime by contacting the ReleaseKeeper Support Team at You may also cancel your subscription by clciking the link in your monthly payment notification which comes 5 days prior to your monthly charge. If you decide to cancel your subscription and you would like to retain your data you should export your data prior to cancelation. Once you cancel your subscription, you'll no longer have access to the system.
The ReleaseKeeper system is Web-Based Application and supported on any device running any of the supported Web-Browsers.
User accounts can be locked, thereby preventing access to the system. Any actual user account deletions will need to be coordinated with the ReleaseKeeper Support Team.